Filling in the holes...

From: Mr. Self Destruct <>
Date: Thu Jun 12 00:32:50 1997

Hi guys, my collection is still on the small side (25 or so) and lately
I've just been trying to cover "all the bases." I'm mainly interested in
80's micros (since that's what I grew up with) and have a few holes to
fill. OK, enough filler, here's what I need:

- I *still* don't have an Atari!

- I'd like a MSX machine as well (never even seen one in anything other
than magazine articles)

- and maybe a Timex just for the hell of it.

If anyone has any duplicates that they'd like to sell/trade etc. than
PLEASE let me know! I live in the (relatively) Philadelphia area.

BTW, someone on this mailing list mentioned that they needed the TI Speech
box. If by this you mean the Speech Synthesizer that plugged into the
side than I have 2 (and only 1 TI) so....

However, if you mean the Terminal Emulator II cartridge than, sorry, I
only have 1 of those! :(

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