Filling in the holes...

From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jun 12 02:36:19 1997

Mr. Self Destruct wrote:

> - I *still* don't have an Atari!

That one is most likely easy once you tell us *what* Atari you would
like. I still have the original Atari 400 and peripherals that I paid
about $1500 or so for when it first came out. Neat machine! I have
several 400's and 800's although I need to check them out to make sure
they still work (I sometimes get non-working machines and get them mixed
in with the working ones.)

> - I'd like a MSX machine as well (never even seen one in anything other
> than magazine articles)

What is an MSX machine?

> - and maybe a Timex just for the hell of it.

The Timex machines are still fairly easy to obtain out here. If you
can't find one back there, let me know as I have (I think) three of
them. With any luck though, someone will respond who lives on your side
of the country :).

> If anyone has any duplicates that they'd like to sell/trade etc. than
> PLEASE let me know! I live in the (relatively) Philadelphia area.
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