From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jun 12 02:28:36 1997

Charles P. Hobbs wrote:
> I have a wide (132-column) Toshiba dot matrix printer I picked up for
> a few bucks at a flea market (as part of a package deal). It needs a
> new printhead. A couple of local computer stores want $100 to replace
> the printhead, and attempts to contact Toshiba about it only led to a
> 900-number, voice mail jail.
> Any ideas on what I should do with it?

I really wish I had a feel for what types of things that will be
considered significant 10, 20, and more years down the road. I have
given quite a few (working) printers away to people and organizations
that can use them. More and more people seem to want the laser or Ink
Jet printers and impact type printer applications are getting more and
more scarce. What I would do is put it in a corner, keep my eye out for
another broken printer with a good print head and wait ... until I find
the printer head, someone who wants it, or need the space and junk it!
I have an epson and a couple of oki printers in that state right now
that will most likely hit the junk pile. Hmmm, how about another want
list of components needed to make something work?
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