Another one to be rescued?

From: Isaac Davis <>
Date: Thu Jun 12 11:26:07 1997

At 08:51 AM 6/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Oh yea, I should mention the last time this thing was fired up about
>5-7 years ago it had some sort of problem with it staying powered up
>or something. They where not able to get the data off their disks.
>Other then that I don't know anymore details. The original owners of
>this thing was Robert Mueler(sp?) Airport(ATC at its best).
>So, anyone in the Austin, TX area want to grab this one either for their
>collection, or for holding while it seeks a home?
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        I have already emailed Micah, and am waiting for a response. Here a
conincidence for you. My dad works for the FAA, at Robert Mueller as the
Radar Technician. If I get this, I will see if he knows about it. I will
let everyone know how it goes.
Isaac Davis
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