Classic Computer Rescue List is Up.

From: Isaac Davis <>
Date: Thu Jun 12 12:57:55 1997

Hey everyone. There has been a great response to the list of people willing
to go out of their way to pick up our beloved classics and save them from a
fate worse than death. I have added all of the people that have requested
it so far today, and did a little work on the page. I think it is ready for
the general public to know about. There wasn't a single complaint about any
part, so I think that's a thumbs up. I will be getting it listed in the
major search engines on the web, so maybe we can get some real results from
it soon. I am currently in the process of attempting to get a couple of
pdp8's, and am working on arrangements to store them for a fellow classic
computer list subscriber until he can pick them up. Exactly what this list
is all about. Comments are more than welcome, and let me know if you want to
be on the list.

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