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Date: Fri Jun 13 13:40:46 1997

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>I noticed their web page and it looks like a pretty good collection!
>One thing I didn't see there was information about how it got started,
>who was involved, what kind of a group it is, etc. Can you help out and
>fill in the blanks? Thanks!
Okay, let me put in a disclaimer that a) I have a horrible memory and b) I'm
not super involved in the day-to-day stuff (I've spent the last 2 years
dealing with the passing of my mother and taking care of my father among
other disasters -- the best thing in the last two years has been having to
have my entire sewer system replaced because of tree roots completely
clogging it.) (Oh, and a general disclaimer that I really don't know as
much as people seem to think I do.)

Anyway, what happened is Kip Crosby realized that much of our history was
disappearing as companies tossed their old, non-pc systems in favor of
Gateway 2000's et al. I think this came about because he replaced Brenda
(his older, multi-user micro (IMS? something like that)) with PC's. Being a
realist, however, he decided to concentrate on California computers only (A
daunting task in and of itself). I think he hoped to see other orgs
covering other areas in the future.

I knew Kip from eons ago (early 80's) when we were on a couple of Fido
BBS's. He rang me and a couple others up and we got together, tossed around
the ideas. He got going on it, and I signed on as Secretary. I must admit,
though, that I kinda left most of it in his capable hands. (I trust him to
do it right.)

The focus (from what I see) right now is research and the Analytical Engine
(the magazine). Also, collecting/cataloging classic computers. Right now,
the collection (which I'm pretty sure is not fully represented on the web
pages) exists in a bunch of containers in San Jose. There are plans for a
museum at some point, as well as exhibits.

The coup d'grace (is that the right word?) for CHAC was saving the SDS 930
from Colorado. This is a Mainframe built in (IIRC) 1963 here in California.
It was then sent to Colorado for NASA? to use, and ended up doing something
with Weather. It was in use up to a few years ago, and was going to be
scrapped, but Kip worked his tail off to save it and bring it out here where
it will become the centerpiece of the assn's displays.

Hmmm... Perhaps I should pass this on to Kip himself before I pass on too
much misinformation... 8^)

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