Classic Computers to Save?

From: Bill Girnius <>
Date: Fri Jun 13 14:11:51 1997

Im still looking for a plain Apple][, and an Apple//e platinum, the one
with the numeric keypad on the side, please check if they have any of
either of these, as I need them for my collection.

> From: Marvin <>
> To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
> Subject: Classic Computers to Save?
> Date: Friday, June 13, 1997 1:33 PM
> I just got back from checking out several places here in Sanata Barbara
> where machines are being sold.
> First, there are a number of SpectraGraphics DS1080 machines along with
> some good size terminals, keyboards, etc. I am not familiar with the
> units but the guy indicated this was a workstation assembly. If anyone
> is interested, let me know and I'll get back to him. I *think* there
> were about four of the DS1080 machines, at least a couple large monitors
> (19" or so RGB I think), some keyboards, perhaps some type of digitizing
> pad (not sure about this), and I didn't see any docs or software with
> it. He indicated he would be quite happy with $100 for the lot. My
> guess is that the lot weighs probably about 300 pounds or so. He
> indicated this was used as a CAD system.
> Second, there is an NCR PC-8 Xenix machine with some software, monitor,
> and several keyboards. I might end up trying to get it since I don't
> have one in the collection but if someone else is interested, let me
> know. My guess is that the lot weighs in at about 100 pounds or so.
> While I forgot to ask the price on this, he would most likely be more
> than happy with $30 - $50 for the lot.
> Thirdly, he had three or four Apple IIC's along with a bit of
> documentation, one of the Imagewriters, and perhaps some a little bit of
> other stuff I missed. Total weight is probably about 50 - 75 pounds,
> and he would take $20 each or probably $40 - $50 for the lot. Each of
> the first three Apples had either one or two external floppy disk drives
> with them.
> Finally, I went over to a local rummage sale and there was a bunch of
> Commodore stuff primarily C64s, documentation, some Apple docs, and some
> printers. This will be over this afternoon about 3PM PST so I will show
> up about 2:30 to see what I can haul away :). I will most likely just
> pick it up what is left just to save it from the dumpster but most of
> what I saw, I already have. Total weight was probably about 100 pounds
> including documentation. I did pick up the some of the docs and there
> are duplicate Apple II and IIe manuals.
> The first three items may or may not be sold this weekend to someone
> from Los Angeles. However, being here does give me an advantage :), so
> if anyone is interested in anything here, let me know!
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