A little guidance - TI Xenix

From: Brett <danjo_at_xnet.com>
Date: Fri Jun 13 21:34:04 1997

I realize this is a little off-topic (last build was about 1987 or 88)
but I have my self in a corner 8-) There are a couple of windows I could
crawl thru if I HAD to.

I have a pristene TI Xenix 386DX16 system.

I have access to one account and - you guessed it - it ain't root!
Nobody seems to remember the root password 8-(

I can't believe that I can't break into this thing! I don't have the
original disks (I haven't dug that far into ALL my docs) but it has
a SCSI Tape drive and two 8 port serial adaptors and some *special* TI
card. It has 2 140 MB MFM drives and I want to keep both the drivers
for the multiport boards and the SCSI board. I think I can get it to
run Linux but I *really* don't want to blow away the Xenix.

So - does any body know where I can find a way into Xenix?

Are there any archives of CERT Advisories on glaring holes I can
worm my way into editing the passwd file or something? I realize
I could run CRACK but since that isn't what I normally do for FUN
I was hoping the mass intellegence and huge experience in this list
might be able to help 8-)

All suggestions are welcome - except blowing it away.

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