A little guidance - TI Xenix

From: starling_at_umr.edu <(starling_at_umr.edu)>
Date: Mon Jun 16 11:44:55 1997

> So - does any body know where I can find a way into Xenix?

Xenix is now owned by the SCO group, I believe. There is a Usenet
newsgroup dedicated to Xenix called comp.unix.xenix.sco. I don't think
that my school carries the comp.unix hierarchy, but it's easily
accessable via dejanews (www.dejanews.com) or altavista if your ISP
doesn't carry it either.

There might be some old Xenix hacks hanging around in there... or you
may be able to get someone to send you some bootable media that'll get
you to a root shell.

> Are there any archives of CERT Advisories on glaring holes I can
> worm my way into editing the passwd file or something? I realize
> I could run CRACK but since that isn't what I normally do for FUN
> I was hoping the mass intellegence and huge experience in this list
> might be able to help 8-)

Mmmm... would be kinda fun. Too bad you can't plug 'er into a network
and let me have a hack at her. Already having an account would
definately help. But if you want, you could e-mail me the passwd file
and I'd set up an idle machine to cracking it and see what turns up.
It'd be worth a shot...


I think that getting bootable media (tape or floppy) is going to be your
best bet... or else try to find the original owner/user.

chris starling
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