MIT flea...

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Jun 14 15:15:09 1997

Tomorrow I will be at the MIT flea market. I have to thin my excesses.

Of interest will be:

memory and some other parts in tubes with old (pre81) date codes. Stuff
like TMS4060, upd411, upd410, 2012...

Motorola 6800D1 board, with docs and extras.

Some s100 boards SEALS, IMS and PT 8k 2102 memory and others. Some Altair
memory S4k and 88-4MCD, altair front pannel logic and 8080 cpu. Many with
docs available. DUAL inc, 68k s100 cpu. compupro s100 motherboard.

S100 box, industrial strength.

Some extra CPM docs and misc books.

Intel MDS800 nearly complete, no disks. I have a non intel multibus disk
controller for it.

Silver reed LQP, complete with docs, daisy wheels, ribbons. Working.

Anadex printer working, with docs. Both serial and parallel.

2 cocos condition unknown.

MISC qbus PDP11 modules including some core planes(operational!). A couple
of BDV11va. Wire wrap modules. H962 diode rom boot board with docs.

Assortment of power supplies. Very complete TRS80 DOCS, CPU, EI, tapes
extras. Including some z80 and trs-80 books.

Floppy drives, St506 drives, external single floppy boxes (al la TRS80).

Fans for use in s100 or other boxes.

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