Free tape drives - the deal

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sat Jun 14 16:18:48 1997

Well, I have greatly underestimated the demand for 8mm SCSI tape drives.
I have been flooded with requests for the things (but oddly enough, not
much else) by quite a great number of people, including some that may not
be on the list ("hey, I heard your giving away tape drives! Can I have
one?"). I am only giving away three units (the rest, along with just
about everything else, is going to RCS/RI for trading stock) - a limitted
supply, but there were only about twenty of these routers in service across
the country.

So, in order to get these to the right people, I would like any
interested parties to tell me _why_ they want one of these drives. If it is
going to be used for a classic computer or old workstation - good. If the
owner respects the artifacts for what they were - better. In other words,
the three people that can come up with the most noble fates for the
critters will get them shipped to their door.

I still really do not know any of you people well, so there will be no
politics. I will announce the winners in a few days. Please send your
responses to me rather than the list.

The price? Still free for postage...

I should add that these drives _should_ work just fine. The routers were
pulled from everyday service not terribly long ago, and most have been
treated well.

And finally, a last minute addition - does anyone need a FDDI bypass?

William Donzelli
Received on Sat Jun 14 1997 - 16:18:48 BST

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