Computer Baseball

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Jun 15 01:55:12 1997

I guess thing classifies as an early computer :). I am looking at
"Computer Baseball" "(C) Electronic Data Controls Corporation 1969".
It consists of a wooden playboard about 18" x 24" with a small
playfield, a scoring matrix with 16 light bulbs along the side, and a
bunch of headers along the top (Pitches, Right Field, Center Field, Left
Field, Ground To 1st, Ground To 2nd, Ground To 3rd, Doubel Play, and
steal). There are also five push buttons with a red one labeled "Play"
and the other black ones labeled "Selections". There is also a rotary
switch labeled "Outs". It looks kind of neat and is in pretty good
condition but no docs, box, or infomation with it of any sort. Anyone
remember this thing?
Received on Sun Jun 15 1997 - 01:55:12 BST

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