Atari 800-XL (fwd)

From: Alexios Chouchoulas <>
Date: Sun Jun 15 08:29:29 1997

  Hello folks! I've received the following message from someone who needs to
find a good home for his Atari 800XL system (free):

  If interested, please reply to him.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

I have a fully functional working 800-XL with expanded memory, a
Smith-Corona printer, a good disk drive, a good monitor, a 300-baud
modem (whoopee!), enough books and manuals to stock a small library
(currently mine), all issues but the first 12 or or of ANTIC, ANALOG,
and COMPUTE magazines, and a whole lot of disks, some directly from
magazines, some from user groups, most from listings I've typed in.
Since I've upgraded to the PC, the Atari system has become expendable,
and needs to go -- I need the room.

Realizing that, by your email, you are not a hop, skip, OR jump away
from me, here's hoping you can put me in touch with someone who'll be
able to give my 'baby' a good home.


Doug Rasmussen
1233 - 167th Ave. S.E.
Bellevue, WA 98008

Phone: (425) 747-3846
Fax: (425) 644-8912

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