Beat this haul...

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Jun 14 23:31:26 1997

On 15-Jun-97, Sam Ismail wrote:

>ZX-81 with manuals/power supply and...

   It looks like you may have a machine to try those two T/S-1000 tapes that
are on their way to you if that machine works.

>Victor 9000 and...
>IMSAI 8080!

   Darn...the way I keep seeing posts about S100 stuff in California, it makes
me wish I were out there! In the nearly 14 years I've been here on the east
coast, I've yet to run across ANY type of S100 stuff, though the first few
years I was out here, I wasn't exactly looking for it either. <sigh> Maybe at
some point I'll have such luck! Congrats Sam!!


   Amiga enthusiast and Collector of early, classic microcomputers
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