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From: Captain Napalm <>
Date: Mon Jun 16 16:34:21 1997

It was thus said that the Great Sam Ismail once stated:
> Data General One (Model 2) laptop. Two questions: How did the model 2
> differ from the model 1? And I didn't get a power supply with this, but
> was told by a couple people all it requires is a special three-prong
> power cord. The receptacle is an oval with three conductors. Anyone
> know about this? - $15
  I have a Data General One laptop (I think the Model 1 - or at least the
first year they came out). The power supply is a brick that plugs into the
wall using a standard computer power cable (that comes with PCs now a days)
and the other end is a two wire cord that plugs into a recepticle in the
back of the computer (I think my is two wires, but it's at home right now).

  I got the unit several years ago (possibly 92 or 93) with a flaky LCD
connection. When the ribbon cable (from the mother board to the LCD screen)
finally broke, I was able to get a replacement from Data General itself (!)
for about $20. You might want to try contacting them directly for more
information about the DG1.

  -spc (It's still in use ... )
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