Beat this haul...

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Jun 14 22:08:37 1997

Ok, the weekend's not even over, and here's how I did:

101 Online - A neat little terminal with a 9" screen. The keyboard
covers the screen and flips down with the push of a button. It has a
built-in 4800bps modem. It was used to connect to some online service in
California at some time or another. The whole thing is in this cute
10"x10"x10" package - $5

Laser 50 with manuals - $4 (Hi Bill!)

Commodore 64, Commodore 64C (two of 'em, one seems to be this weird clone
since the plastic looks different from the other one and it has no
markings), two 1541 drives, two Star NX-1000C dot matrix printers - All free

Data General One (Model 2) laptop. Two questions: How did the model 2
differ from the model 1? And I didn't get a power supply with this, but
was told by a couple people all it requires is a special three-prong
power cord. The receptacle is an oval with three conductors. Anyone
know about this? - $15

2 Commodore 1541 drives, 2 Commodore 1571 drives - $8
DEC Rainbow 100 with all the trimmings (extra cards, all software and
manuals) - $10
VIC-20 Modem - $1
Commodore 64 user's guide, VIC-20 User's Guide - $1

(the guy I bought this stuff from claims to have 7 PDP-11s and "several"
PDP-8s that he's been hording. Needless to say I threatened him with
great bodily harm if he didn't give me some. We agreed to meet to discuss
the "free taking" of one of each system. He also has lots of other DEC
stuff for sale and for give-away to those who would give it good homes. I
will keep us posted on any late-breaking developments. He also said he
has a Cyber hard drive unit which sounds like the size of a dishwasher as
he described it. I think the model number was 690s or something. I know
I'm way off. If anyone wants this its in California. Apparently he has
tons of mostly DEC stuff he's been collecting from local colleges and
universtities. Again, I'll keep us posted).

And let's see, oh yeah, I'm not done!

ZX-81 with manuals/power supply and...
Victor 9000 and...
IMSAI 8080!
   IMSAI MPU-A (Rev 4) 8080A CPU card
   IMSAI SIO (Rev 3) Serial card
   DCHayes Modem (I am assuming 300baud...S100!)
   Disk Jockey 2D/B 8" drive card (and some 8" drive...I forget the
   (4) Digital Research Company Memory Boards (I think each one is 16K)
   All manuals/schematics/notes plus some extra IMSAI fron panel overlays

All this from the original owner for $100. What a bargain.

Ok, this guy is cool. First of all, to you guys complaining that you
never get anything good, here's the message I posted on my local forsale
newsgroup which brought about this acquisition:

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