NEC PC 8201A Accessory?

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 00:53:42 1997

I have another strange device. This one is called a Channel Tester,
Ser. No. 55263, and a date of 1985-4. It has a series of BNC connectors
on the face labeled "Tx Audio", "RX Audio", "Spk", "Voice Tx Test",
"Voice Rx Test", "Mod", "Disc", "RSSI", "NRZ Data", and "Bit CLock". I
got it attached to an NEC PC 8201A (as I recall) TRS-80 Model 100
clone. It also has a male and female Centronix interface plugs on the
side away from where it attaches to the 8201A. Does anyone have any
idea what this thing is? Thanks!
Received on Wed Jun 18 1997 - 00:53:42 BST

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