NEC PC 8201A Accessory?

From: Brett <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 01:54:17 1997

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:
> I have another strange device. This one is called a Channel Tester,
> Ser. No. 55263, and a date of 1985-4. It has a series of BNC connectors
> on the face labeled "Tx Audio", "RX Audio", "Spk", "Voice Tx Test",
> "Voice Rx Test", "Mod", "Disc", "RSSI", "NRZ Data", and "Bit CLock". I
> got it attached to an NEC PC 8201A (as I recall) TRS-80 Model 100
> clone. It also has a male and female Centronix interface plugs on the
> side away from where it attaches to the 8201A. Does anyone have any
> idea what this thing is? Thanks!

Are they 50 pin Centronics? If they are, it could be a telephone tester.
The Centronics port (at 50 pins) would take a "whip" and let you test
all the lines on a PBX or straight telephone cable.

If they are 36 pin Centronics I really don't know what used NRZ encoding
in the early 80's except tape drives - or maybe its a tester for a radio
land line from studio to tramsmitter - it does have the Mod-ulation BNC

Other than that - I'm stumped 8-) Who made it - NEC?

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