From: Brett <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 01:46:35 1997

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Sam Ismail wrote:
> Ok, here's the deal. Marvin & I are both in contact with a guy who says
> he has 14 AIM65 units. Hopefully you all have been paying attention and
> have read the messages describing what this is. Marvin & I are of course
> both interested in buying one, and we dicussed the possibility that
> others in the discussion would be interested as well. We feel that if
> enough of us get together and offer this guy a bulk buy-out, we can get a
> good price from him. Marvin & I are talking about $20 a piece as of
> now. If this is of interest to anyone, I can give you his e-mail address
> and you can ask specific questions, but make sure you mention you are a
> part of this one-shot buyout so that we get a good deal. I think first
> we should get a count of who is all interested and then approach the
> guy. He's in New Jersey, and I don't think shipping should be more than
> $5 per unit.

Yo! Sam, I'm in for a penny and a pound!

I have already emailed the guy too but I won't mention a price. Neither
will he! So I don't think he knows what they are worth - do we? I would
ABSOLUTELY want one. It would actually fulfill a dream of mine 8-) I have
the KIM-1 and the SYM-1 so the only 6502 development board out there I
don't have is the AIM-65 - I think!?

And at that point, I would give him $20 - hell I would give him $30 for
one shipped but buy all 14 for $280 (Yesss Yesss My Precious Should We? It
would be so EVIL^H^H^H^H nice - No No I can't! The power of the One Ring
is upon me! Resist!)

Be sure to find out if they are the straight AIM-65. With the AIM ROMS in
them. Or else we will have to make a ROM set for everyone too. There was a
time when poeple used to sell these things with POS and even CNC programs
pre-loaded in ROM. Seen 'em myself!

BC - 6502 Fool 8-)
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