DEC RL02K DC Disk Pack

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 13:11:57 1997

Tim Shoppa wrote:
> >
> As of a few months ago, DEC was still selling new RL02 carts. Price
> was $220 each, regardless of whether you wanted RL02K-DC or RL02K-EF
> (EF = the "error free" version, guarantee of no bad sectors.)
> That said, used ones go for US$5 or US$10 each in clean condition
> and without tripped Shockwatches. Nobody will buy any packs with
> tripped Shockwatches.

Ah, my guess was close, thanks MUCH! These are in clean condition and I
just found out I also have the drive that probably was used with that
type of disk. Also, I don't recall any of them having the shock
indicator anything but clear. Now all I have to do is set up the system
and hope everything works :). As Jim said, all that is needed are a
number of extra days in each week.
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