old memory boards?

From: Matthew P. Sayler <mpsayler_at_cs.utexas.edu>
Date: Wed Jun 18 13:24:21 1997


I'm a small-time collector interested in older unix machines, though
I think I'd be more interested in micros if I had more room than
my apartment provides.

I was picking up a load of Sun VME-bus equipment today and ran across
some memory boards. These are definitely not for the suns, neither
multi-bus nor vmebus. The boards are perhaps 12"x16" and are populated
with what I presume to be memory chips (AMD 21-17559-01 / 8333EMM)
in 16 banks of 9 chips each. The connector along the back has 6
distinct edge-card pieces, with 18 contacts per connector per side.

All of the boards appear to be more or less of the same nature, but
one is manufactured by Motorola, and 4 have digital markings. Along
the back of three of the digital boards, there are two metal
protrusions. One says AM, the other M8210. The other digital board
is AZ M8210, and it has a lot of Mostek chips that I would guess
are 16kbit 300ns chips . .

Does anyone know what machine used these boards?

The sun equipment I salvaged was sadly without CPU board or power supply but
I did manage to grab 2 8mb boards and a bevy of SCSI and SMD controllers.
I guess I can add it to my collection of old sun hardware that needs
drives to become operational. Do SMD drives frequently show up at
swap meets, etc?


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