IMSAI 8080 production count

From: Mr. Self Destruct <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 17:50:33 1997

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Marvin Johnston wrote:

> It sounds more like you don't know where to look since I can't imagine a
> city the size of Philly not having quite a bit of stuff around. If people

I live about 30 minutes from Philly by way of I-95. In the boonies.

> know that you collect old computers, after a while you will have people
> you don't even know coming up and telling you that a friend of theirs told
> them to get in touch with you. Doesn't happen in a weekend, b

Which of course is why I have 10 PC/XT's but no cool stuff...

> year or so (assuming you are serious about collecting), it will happen.
> There are a LOT of sources of old computers still around. I ended up with
> a number of the chicklet keyboard Pets (and turned down a dozen or so)
> that came from the local university. I end up with at least a dozen
> computers each year from people I don't know that heard about me and just
> want their computer to have a good home.
> Sources include Thrift stores, Salvation Army outlet, Goodwill Industry
> outlets, rummage sales (especially at schools), garage sales, flea
> markets, Hamfests and swapfests, and advertising as Sam did.

In my experience, the "volunteers" at the Salvation Army filtered out
anything that even resembled computers so that they could sell it
themselves. If it comes in a box and has a detach keyboard (i.e. looks
like a PC) it never gets to the showroom floor. Trust me.... I *know*

As for flea markets, I have NEVER seen a computer for sale (I still go and
hope tho...) and advertising seems a little too much as I barely have
enough room for the 25 or so computers I have already!

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