IMSAI 8080 production count

From: Ted Birdsell <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 07:48:19 1997

Mr. Self Destruct wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Marvin Johnston wrote:
> >
> > It sounds more like you don't know where to look since I can't imagine a
> > city the size of Philly not having quite a bit of stuff around. If people
> I live about 30 minutes from Philly by way of I-95. In the boonies.
> As for flea markets, I have NEVER seen a computer for sale (I still go and
> hope tho...) and advertising seems a little too much as I barely have
> enough room for the 25 or so computers I have already!
> Les


I also live 30 minutes outside of Philly. There are a number of places
to find great classic computers. Just three weeks ago, I found a front
panel IMSAI 8080 and another S-100 kit for $10 at a flea market in NJ.
The IMSAI is in perfect working condition, except for four broken
plastic switches. By the way, can anyone tell me the address of the
place that sells the switches? The kit is unlabeled except for it says
Xitan or maybe Xitac on the motherboard (I'm at work and can't check
right now.)

I agree with Les that the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores around here
never have any classic computers worth buying.

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