Fuller Electronics

From: Brett <danjo_at_xnet.com>
Date: Wed Jun 18 21:03:42 1997

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:
> I have a new unit built for use with one of the Radio Shack computers.
> It was manufactured by Fuller Electronics, is a Model RF-2/41 and has a
> serial number 1018. The top has what looks like a volume control. There
> are two switches on the front, one 3 position labeled "Both", "Off", and
> "Cross", another 2 position switch labeled "Computer" and "Recorder",
> and two LEDs, one Red and the other green. On the back side are three
> jacks labeled "Black", "Grey", and "Grey", and six cables with three
> each coming from a hold labeled "REC 1" and "REC 2". It was
> manufactured here in Santa Barbara, but so far, I haven't been able to
> find out anything about it. Anyone out there ever heard of this device?

Marvin - sometimes you are REALLY funny!

Obviously this is a tape duplicator. You can go from one unit to two
others or from the computer to the other two recorders.

How are those AIM-65's coming???????

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