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From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Thu Jun 19 02:01:24 1997

Brett wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:
> > I have a new unit built for use with one of the Radio Shack computers.
> > It was manufactured by Fuller Electronics, is a Model RF-2/41 and has a
> > serial number 1018. The top has what looks like a volume control. There
> > are two switches on the front, one 3 position labeled "Both", "Off", and
> > "Cross", another 2 position switch labeled "Computer" and "Recorder",
> > and two LEDs, one Red and the other green. On the back side are three
> > jacks labeled "Black", "Grey", and "Grey", and six cables with three
> > each coming from a hold labeled "REC 1" and "REC 2". It was
> > manufactured here in Santa Barbara, but so far, I haven't been able to
> > find out anything about it. Anyone out there ever heard of this device?
> Marvin - sometimes you are REALLY funny!
> Obviously this is a tape duplicator. You can go from one unit to two
> others or from the computer to the other two recorders.

Well, you answered part of the question :). Maybe I should have
rephrased it to also ask if anyone had ever heard of Fuller
Electronics. Dick Fuller was (he died about 6 years ago) pretty active
with a number of projects, both hardware and software. I *think* he was
the person publishing CLOAD magazine, but I am not sure; I still need to
ask around Santa Barbara to find out. When he died, I was asked to help
clean out his place and at that time, most of the stuff he had was too
old to be current and too new to be collectors items. I still had a BIG
aversion to dumpstering stuff so I ended up with quite a bit of things
he was working on as well as his TRS Model 1s, IIs, IIIs, and a lot of
associated software. It was a bit scary since I could relate to how and
where he had things stored :). One of the things I did was to empty out
his file cabinets of papers that were useless after he died. He was a
packrat and had a several folders filled with flyers and information
about the software and hardware of the 70's. It almost went into the
dumpster but I had second thoughts and ended up with the stuff. His dad
just wanted the stuff gone and wasn't interested in anything but getting
the place cleared out. I am rather glad it didn't go in the dumpster as
I would be kicking myself now! This device was one of several projects
he tried to market and looks to be nicely built. Unfortunately, I seem
to recall putting the rest of these devices out with the garage sale
stuff and they probably went into the dumpster after the garage sale
with the rest of the remaining stuff as I had no idea what these things
were <sigh>.

> How are those AIM-65's coming???????

I think Sam posted a response to your question ... and now we wait!
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