From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 00:02:57 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Uncle Roger wrote:
> > If they're shipped to the bay area, I've got lots of boxes and packing
> > materials I need to get rid of... (I'd volunteer to handle it, but I'm new
> > to the mailing list, and if it were me, I would trust me yet.)
> Uh, but what of us here on the other coast (where the devices are to start
> with)? (I'm in the same area code, actually). Damn, but I wish I was
> back home in the Republic of California. If someone would be so kind as
> to sow salt where Sacramento used to be, so the capital can be returned to
> San Jose, I'd be much obliged.

So ship the whole lot to me in mid-western Canada. That way it'll be
eqidistant from both coasts when I ship them out. (I'm just kidding, of
course.) The logical (to me, anyway) solution seems to be to have the
east coast people in the same area code pick them up, ship out the ones
closer to the east coast. Pack up the rest in one shipment and send them
to CA (state code, not the confusing country code) and have the rest
distributed/shipped from there. Does that make any sense at all? Maybe
I need a bit more sleep. Of course, then, which end am I closer to? All
UPS shipments between US/Canada go through winnipeg. But I'm rambling
now. (Thinking out loud?) I promise I'll shut up now.

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