From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 23:28:45 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Uncle Roger wrote:
> > If they're shipped to the bay area, I've got lots of boxes and packing
> > materials I need to get rid of... (I'd volunteer to handle it, but I'm new
> > to the mailing list, and if it were me, I would trust me yet.)
> Uh, but what of us here on the other coast (where the devices are to start
> with)? (I'm in the same area code, actually). Damn, but I wish I was

It would not make a whole lot of sense to have all of them shipped out
here and then re-distributed. I'll let FEDEX do that. My intent is to
have the guy Mike do all the shipping direct from his place in Jersey to
each buyer. The point of having a single deal is to get the best price.
I sent off a message to him proposing $20 per unit. I'm waiting for a
response back. Hopefully news will come soon :)

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