Here are the Tandy 600 specs

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 14:51:26 1997

Due to massive amounts of caffeine & sleep deprivation, Kai Kaltenbach said:

>Tandy 600
> October 28, 1985

FYI: Mine was built in September, 1985, so I would imagine they would need
some time to ramp up production for the introduction.

> Internal 3.5" 360K floppy
> (storage only, not bootable)

Not bootable, 'cause it boots from ROM. BTW, SSDD 80 Track, 9SPT.

> RS-232 and Centronics parallel
> Proprietary for external floppy or "other peripherals"

I'm at work, 600 at home (awaiting new internal nicads...) but unless Tandy
or Zenith (OEM) designed a floppy-port-based whatever, the external floppy
port is a 1-for-1 pinout of a standard floppy interface... so you can hook
up either a 3.5" or 5.25" floppy, provided it's 80 tracks or more. (That
means I could hook up my 2" floppy, if I designed an interface cable, as it
only has a 22-pin cable (all standard signals, plus power... just need to
align the signals.)

> One option ROM socket (accessible by removing
> Multiplan) that holds BASIC or other ROMs
> AC adapter, and built-in NiCd batteries

AC adapter is 8V DC, 1.5A, IIRC. (hafta look when I get home...)

> Internal 300 baud
>Operating System:
> Proprietary ROM

It's called HH/OS, (Hand-Held Operating System... tho I doubt you'd call
the 600 a hand-held!) and it was produced by MicroSoft.

> Built-in System Manager, Word, Calendar, File,
> Telcom and Multiplan
> Optional ROM cartridge
> 72-key
> Base system $1599
> BASIC ROM $129
> 96K RAM upgrade $399

Didn't the Basic ROM originally cost $139.95, or did it go up from
original? (I'll have to look that one up in my '89 catalog...) Tandy still
sells the ROM, and they still want $120 for it!!!!! :-(

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