the wonderful sound of big iron

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Date: Thu Jun 19 14:59:26 1997

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>I like my real PDP better than the emulated one. The real one has one
>feature that E11, and Supnik 2.2, and all the rest can NEVER have that
>annoys my family to no end - THE EAR-SPLITTING NOISE! :) It drives them
>Nuts, and I can't get enough of it! There's nothing like powering up the
>11/23 and hearing that "Bwaaaaa!" as it all spins up - then it becomes a
>gentle roar (I don't have a rack or case of it, so it sits out on a
>table). Everyone leaves, and I'm free to hack alone. Not to mention the
>emotional satisfaction that you own a piece of history - No matter how big
>or inefficient the piece! Which was the primary reason I went out of my
>way to get one. And the reason I kept my CoCo, and my C64.
Has anyone who has their mini collection displayed on a web page
put the *sound* of their machines on the net? I especially love the sound
of those big fans and hard drives powering up.

Whenever I get around to fixing up my 11/730, I'll definitely have to get
a recording of it powering up: from the turn of the key, to the ratcheting
of the TU58 microcode boot tape, to the sound of the LA-120 printing
printing the 'enter date and time' prompt.

Actually, I don't have the LA-120, but remember the sounds.

Clark Geisler
Test Engineer
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