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Date: Sat Jun 21 05:37:46 1997

Marvin wrote:

> > Sorry for the frankness but I thought I'd get this one out of my chest
> > before it gets even worse (I am still owed at least 5 replies to my
> > messages) in that I will be banned from this mailing list. Hope not.
> >
> > What is your problem?
> >
> > Hoping to have a straight answer
> >
> In almost all cases, I find it MUCH better to ask about something
> perceived as a problem rather than let it simmer and finally boil out of
> control. I am rather curious as to where, or perhaps how, your reaction
> developed. Banned from a list? I would sure hope not as I haven't even
> seen a hint of justification for that action.

Well, to get more specific, I have the (perhaps wrong) feeling that:

a) You are against collectors who collect for the historical importance
onyl and are not really worried if the item works or not (as long as all
the parts are in there and the thing can be made to work if and when
required). I have been ridiculized when I suggested this one way to go
about collecting.

b) You are against collectors who want ot take out bits and pieces from
the systems in order to show them separately (but retaining and perhaps
even ehibiting the "crippled" item). I have been refused help in thsi
respect when it became apparent I was going to do this.

c) You are against helping "foreigners" (and therefore "different")
collectors to export "your" stuff perhaps in the wrong perception that
it will diminish the heritage of the country (yours). I have striken a
deal with one of the subscriber here and he disappeared in the distance
after a while (he did not answer anymore...) By the way does anybody
need British stuff? I would be glad to help you with it.

Of course I have no proof of the above but from the short experience I
had here, I think that the problem exhists as opposed to the "openess"
of other American collecting groups like, for example, the radio
collecting community which has been VERY helpful with me and other
"foreigners" to buy and export stuff from the USA and CANADA (what about
the stuff you ARE importing from overseas then?).

I think that if you think I am wrong the best way to demonstrate it, if
you care, is not with words but with facts.

Thank you for your interest


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