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Date: Sat Jun 21 07:37:44 1997

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, e.tedeschi wrote:
> Marvin wrote:
> > e.tedeschi wrote:
> > > Sorry for the frankness but I thought I'd get this one out of my chest
> > > before it gets even worse (I am still owed at least 5 replies to my
> > > messages) in that I will be banned from this mailing list. Hope not.
> > >
> > > What is your problem?
> > >
> > > Hoping to have a straight answer
> >
> > In almost all cases, I find it MUCH better to ask about something
> > perceived as a problem rather than let it simmer and finally boil out of
> > control. I am rather curious as to where, or perhaps how, your reaction
> > developed. Banned from a list? I would sure hope not as I haven't even
> > seen a hint of justification for that action.

Now that I have read some responses......

> Well, to get more specific, I have the (perhaps wrong) feeling that:
> a) You are against collectors who collect for the historical importance
> onyl and are not really worried if the item works or not (as long as all
> the parts are in there and the thing can be made to work if and when
> required). I have been ridiculized when I suggested this one way to go
> about collecting.

I am sure nobody MEANT what was said. There will ALWAYS be two sides.

> b) You are against collectors who want ot take out bits and pieces from
> the systems in order to show them separately (but retaining and perhaps
> even ehibiting the "crippled" item). I have been refused help in thsi
> respect when it became apparent I was going to do this.

This is not a group problem - this is a person-to-person problem.

> c) You are against helping "foreigners" (and therefore "different")
> collectors to export "your" stuff perhaps in the wrong perception that
> it will diminish the heritage of the country (yours). I have striken a
> deal with one of the subscriber here and he disappeared in the distance
> after a while (he did not answer anymore...) By the way does anybody
> need British stuff? I would be glad to help you with it.

Well, one way to do it is tell us who! I don't see anything wrong with
trying to contact someone on the list via the list if email fails. The
number of possible *holes* that email can fall into are more numerous
than providers would like to admit. You never know - there might be
someone on the list who knows the person and can fill you in to other
important info - he when on holiday, he died - oh, all sorts of things
can happen 8-)

> Of course I have no proof of the above but from the short experience I
> had here, I think that the problem exhists as opposed to the "openess"
> of other American collecting groups like, for example, the radio
> collecting community which has been VERY helpful with me and other
> "foreigners" to buy and export stuff from the USA and CANADA (what about
> the stuff you ARE importing from overseas then?).

Well, I don't know what it would cost to ship to England. I don't think
it is a "foreigners" thing - just cost and hassle. You could have one of
your radio friends get the part and ship it to you. That would satisfy
both parties.

> I think that if you think I am wrong the best way to demonstrate it, if
> you care, is not with words but with facts.

I noticed that you used "foreigner" a lot. I would assume this was
impressed upon you from some private email as I have never, to my
recollection, seen it used in this group. You might want to expand
the explaination - either here in public or in private email.

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