From: Dave Jenner <djenner_at_halcyon.com>
Date: Sat Jun 21 12:43:58 1997

Tim Shoppa wrote:

> > I sent a floppy to someone in canada and despite it being our neighbor the
> > customs paper was amazing! I was told it's worse if there is a transaction
> > involved.
> Was I that one??? I'm still searching for that Compupro RAM23
> manual for you, Allison - I know it's here somewhere!!! (Said as he looks
> at a wall stacked with boxes and boxes of documentation...)
> I've had numerous 8" floppies and 7- and 9-track tapes siezed by US Customs
> over the years. Their reasoning? If they can't read them, they
> can't verify that there isn't anything illegal on them. Besides,
> nobody has 8" floppies or open-reel tape drives on "home" computers...
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I just sent a DEC Rainbow memory card to the Netherlands. On the
customs label
I put: "gift", "no value", and "obsolete computer card". We'll see if
that gets
it through without a hassle. All of these are true--except to a classic

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