From: Jeff Hellige <jeffh_at_unix.aardvarkol.com>
Date: Sat Jun 21 15:48:20 1997

e.tedeschi wrote:

> This can't be true as the cost of carriage is always beared by the
> recipient (in this case me). Also I found that if you don't want the
> stuff quickly (read airmail) it can be surprising reasonable.

        True, but it is still a hassle to ship internationally, and it is a lot
harder to recoup anything if there is a problem, even if shipping to
Canada from the U.S. Also, as a long time user of Usenet, I've noticed
that it isn't only those on this side of the Atlantic who don't care to
ship overseas...many a for-sale post from Europe states that they wish
to ship only within the same general area. Take the post that was just
forwarded into this group about the C-65 for sale.
        As many people can vouch, I for one routinely send stuff to people for
just the cost of shipping, and that includes friends overseas. For the
most part though, I have had few things I've put up for grabs that I've
wanted to get rid of that anyone that anyone outside of the U.S. has
thought worth the money and effort to make a deal on.

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