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Date: Sat Jun 21 13:49:42 1997

Marvin wrote:

> I haven't seen this except for some concern about the costs involved.
> As far as getting British computers, I would love to do that and don't
> mind trading. However my reluctance comes only from not having any idea
> of the cost involved.

If you are not in a hurry SURFACE MAIL is surprisingly cheap (but it
will take about two months)

> Also, I think you are being a bit broad with your use of the word
> "you." There are flaky people in every activity I have ever seen, and I
> doubt that this one is any different.

You are right there. I am sorry but I did not mean any offence. I should
have added that I was generalizing BUT I had the impression that this
group a more than a fair share of them...and whats more they might have
all the rights to be "conservative" with your heritage. However then
they should not complain when something similar happens to them. Agreed?
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