Printers and Finds of the Week

From: Josh M. Nutzman <>
Date: Sat Jun 21 19:41:17 1997

>I found an interesting printer today. It is an SR2000, produced by
>Sears Roebuck & Company, or at least it has their name on it. According
>to it's test printout, the date stamp on it is 9/25/86.
I recently found a Sears Roebuck & Company SR3000, which is oddly enough
a RGB/Composite monitor made for the commodore line? Who knows. It even
has a speaker in it! Picture is really nice. Made around the same date!
Got it for only $10!

If I don't use it for an old computer, it is a great way to view the
camcorder stuff!

               Josh M. Nutzman
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