Printers and Finds of the Week

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Jun 21 23:04:52 1997

Josh M. Nutzman wrote:

> I recently found a Sears Roebuck & Company SR3000, which is oddly enough
> a RGB/Composite monitor made for the commodore line? Who knows. It even
> has a speaker in it! Picture is really nice. Made around the same date!
> Got it for only $10!

        That's interesting. This is the first time I've actually seen real
computer stuff with the Sears Roebuck name on it, though I knew they
marketed thier own version of Pong a while back. If it's RGB/composite
with internal speakers, it would match the Commodore-brand monitors in
fucntionality. I wonder what else they marketed in this little 'SR'
series of computer stuff?
> If I don't use it for an old computer, it is a great way to view the
> camcorder stuff!

        Yes, I use my Amiga 1080 monitor for my camcorder or VCR on occasion,
as well as using it as the monitor for my Apple ][+ since it's the only
composite-input monitor I currently have.

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