Saturday's Finds and a source in Central CA

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Sat Jun 21 22:59:11 1997

I finally attended a almost 'near-by' used computer store's
"warehouse sale" and was somewhat impressed.

  The sale is held Saturday mornings in an old nursery greenhouse about
5 miles east of Lodi on Highway 12 (in California) Almost every table
is covered with equipment, a good portion seems to be discards from
local school districts and others are from who knows where.

  The good and bad news is much of it has had some share of the elements
and are sold as-is, but they are priced to clear. (they were not "out
in the open" like some machines you have reported, but almost). The
store keeps most of the more-modern usable stuff (PC cards,
motherboards, printers, etc.) and leaves behind a lot of Commodore PETs,
64s, Apples, old PCs, etc. Must have seen about 1/2 dozen apple ///s in
varying states, even more apple ][s, (from some ][ pluses to a Platinum
][e w/keypad and a couple ][cs), plenty of drives (1541, apple and old
hard drives; looking for an older hard drive? make a 'look for' list
ready). Lots of monitors (condition unknown as many were from a repair
shop that closed; also alot of composite Commodore monitors - 1702s and
CM141s). Many PC enclosures (not my area so I didn't look too hard, did
see look at a Commodore PC clone though (figures), motherboard still
there, but no cards or drives, some older pulled cards in boxes.

  I did notice at least three Osborne computers, the one I opened to
look at was a later model as it didn't have that tiny screen in the
center but what looked like an 8" display. Bunch of Jasmine Hard Disk
cases (external, backpacks, and clip-on drives) and such for people
needing power/cases for projects (some with drives still in em). Also
various cables (bunch of IEEE-488), power supplies (commodore 64 was in
abundance) some books and other micellany.

  I didn't see any minis there, but you never know...

We came out with:

- Educator 64 (a Commodore 64 in a PET enclosure w/monochrome 14"
   computer is dead but it uses a standard 64, so no problem there. ;>
- Commodore LP2031 PET/CBM IEEE-488 single drive (a IEEE-488 drive in a
1541 case)
   seems to be ill but much of the electonics and all mechanicals match
the 41, no problem!
- Jasmine Removable 45 drive (I am assuming a Syquest 44mb drive, it
looks similar)
   still have to get a cartridge to test, but seems clean and ok.
- Commodore 1541-II w/power supply & cable (so far so good)
- C= Brick Power Supply (light colored one. still untested)
- Sea Wolf & Clowns cartridges for the VIC-20.
- 'Commodore' paddles and 'Commodore' joystick
- An AC 'muffin' fan (works, now cooling the BBS!)
- 6 Commodore books (including three nifty Hofhacker ones published by
   I left a whole bunch of other VIC & 64 books behind

cost $30.00 (I could have walked out with more for the same price, but
I was being good)

Warehouse Sale: 10400 Highway 12, about 5 miles east of Lodi, 8 am to
Noon on Saturdays
   (if you do go, let them klnow that Larry, the Commodore guy told ya
about it!)

The computer place is: Allen's To Go, in Lockeford, (209) 727-0477
  I picked up at a couple thrifts some (soon to be) blank disks, the
prices are cheaper than MEI/Micro's bulk pricing, $1 for a box of 10+
5.25" DS/DD... 
            Larry Anderson
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