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Date: Sat Jun 21 21:24:38 1997

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< I found an interesting printer today. It is an SR2000, produced by
>Sears Roebuck & Company, or at least it has their name on it. According
> to it's test printout, the date stamp on it is 9/25/86. What makes the
> printer interesting is that it is a dual-interface model, with both a
> standard centronics interface, as well as what appears to be the 6pin
>mini-din for the Commodore 8bit serial interface. Were there any other
>interfaces that used that connector that it might be? I've found
>replacement ribbons for it on the web, but no spec info. It's a dot
>matrix printer with between 7 and 9 pins, and cost me a total of $4 and
> works great.
> Jeff
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back around 1991 i had bought the sr3000 model. it's an old 9pin dot matrix
printer, and for the most part, seems to be compatible with the epson fx-85.
i was able to find replacement ribbons for it at sears also. i was kinda
thrilled to see it had a serial port, but then again, it was only for C=
models. if anyone needs more info, i still have the owner's manual for mine.
as a side note, i had it plugged into my laser128 running GEOS, the mac like
interface that ran on the machine but never could get the sr3000 to work, the
only driver GEOS had was for the sr2000.

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