From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 14:55:09 1997

Sam Ismail wrote:
> He also has the line on hundreds of Panasonic RL-H18 palmtops. This is a
> palmtop which came out around 1985 and had FORTH in ROM. It also has a
> 20-col (or 40-col?) thermal printer and a case which bundles the two
> together. His company also developed an expansion "tray" which houses
> extra memory that the Panasonic can access through bank-switching. He
> sold this product to (I believe) an insurance firm and now they want to
> dump them all. Now again, he said they have hundreds, and were just
> going to shit-can them, but he said the company would most likely opt to
> get some money back for them if they could. He said probably about $10
> per unit would get them, but they'd have to be purchased in one shot.
> Now I don't think that there are enough people here with an interest to
> buy one. I suggested that perhaps they can set aside a couple hundred
> and then shitcan the rest because I don't have a couple thousand lying
> around in which to buy all of them, nor would I want to. It's up to us
> to come up with a proposal.


        I'd certainly be interested in one of the palmtops if we could get
enough people to snag a bunch of them.


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