From: James L. Rice <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 11:51:36 1997

Sam Ismail wrote:

> Ok, here it is.
> Mike Westerfield, the guy with the AIM65s, phoned me yesterday and we
> spoke about the deal. He has been offered $125 for EACH unit from a
> company called Dynatem which still uses the AIMs commercially. Mike
> started a company way back with a product based on the AIM65. It was
> an
> insurance rate calculator. In order to make the product marketable,
> he
> designed a plastic and a metal-base enclosure. He also placed a
> compact
> power supply inside the enclosure to make for a nice complete package.
> He apparently was very successful with this venture and sold many. At
> this point, unless someone comes along and offers him more than $125
> per
> unit and buys the whole lot, they are going to Dynatem. That's too
> rich
> for my blood.
> After explaining all this to me, and after I explained what we do here
> on classiccmp, Mike mentioned that he had a bunch of other stuff that
> we
> might be interested in. He has a whole basement full of stuff he
> would
> like to sell off. Here's what he told me he has:
> EPROM burners
> Logical Devices GangPro-S and GangPro-2S. These can burn 32 chips at
> a time.
> These also have other features which make them very nice.
> Logical Devices GangPro-8 and GangPro-4 which can burn 8 and 4
> respectively.
> Optical Technologies EP-2A-88 and EP-2A-89.
> A "ton" of NEC-2716 and Hitachi 2716 EPROMs
> He also has the line on hundreds of Panasonic RL-H18 palmtops. This
> is a
> palmtop which came out around 1985 and had FORTH in ROM. It also has
> a
> 20-col (or 40-col?) thermal printer and a case which bundles the two
> together. His company also developed an expansion "tray" which houses
> extra memory that the Panasonic can access through bank-switching. He
> sold this product to (I believe) an insurance firm and now they want
> to
> dump them all. Now again, he said they have hundreds, and were just
> going to shit-can them, but he said the company would most likely opt
> to
> get some money back for them if they could. He said probably about
> $10
> per unit would get them, but they'd have to be purchased in one shot.
> Now I don't think that there are enough people here with an interest
> to
> buy one. I suggested that perhaps they can set aside a couple hundred
> and then shitcan the rest because I don't have a couple thousand lying
> around in which to buy all of them, nor would I want to. It's up to
> us
> to come up with a proposal.
> As far as dealing with Mike, I asked him contacting him. At this
> point,
> he would perfer the current arrangement whereby I am the central point
> of
> contact because it is easier for him. However, this tends to put me
> in a
> bad spot for certain reasons. I'm sure there will be people
> interested in
> working out a bulk deal with him. To those people I say feel free to
> contact him since he is most interested in getting rid of everything
> in
> one shot. He's not interested in dealing with onesies and twosies.
> So
> he would like for everyone who has an interest in a little here and a
> little there to contact me about it and then he's going to call me
> again
> in a week. This would refer mainly to someone wanting one of the
> panasonic's or a few EPROMs. As far as the Panasonics, he's finding
> out
> more information about quantity and we will talk more about price next
> week. As far as the EPROM burners, I would think that dealing
> directly
> with him would be best.
> Anyway, his e-mail address is He's a very nice guy.
> He offered that if there was anyone in New Jersey (I believe there is
> at
> least one person here, I can't remember his name) to come on down to
> his
> place and he'll show you through all the stuff he has.
> Sam
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Count me in for a couple of the Panasonics.

James L. Rice
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