From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 13:25:15 1997

Sam Ismail <> writes:
> Mike Westerfield, the guy with the AIM65s, phoned me yesterday and we
> spoke about the deal. He has been offered $125 for EACH unit from a
> company called Dynatem which still uses the AIMs commercially. Mike
> started a company way back with a product based on the AIM65. It was an
> insurance rate calculator. In order to make the product marketable, he
> designed a plastic and a metal-base enclosure. He also placed a compact
> power supply inside the enclosure to make for a nice complete package.
> He apparently was very successful with this venture and sold many. At
> this point, unless someone comes along and offers him more than $125 per
> unit and buys the whole lot, they are going to Dynatem. That's too rich
> for my blood.

Some computers are so classic that they're still out there doing Real

I am going to have to pull my other AIM65 out and take a good look at
it to see if I can figure out who badge-engineered it. (I wonder if it
was Mike?) It is also in a plastic case that is obviously intended to
make it portable, and I wonder how many other companies there were
doing specialized applications around them.

Thanks, Sam and Marvin, for sounding this out and being the

-Frank McConnell
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