From: Frank Peseckis <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 13:25:44 1997

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997 09:18:47 -0700 (PDT), Sam Ismail wrote:

>He also has the line on hundreds of Panasonic RL-H18 palmtops. This is a
>palmtop which came out around 1985 and had FORTH in ROM.


>get some money back for them if they could. He said probably about $10
>per unit would get them, but they'd have to be purchased in one shot.

Sam, if you are planning to add up the count-me-in's for the palmtops
and act as the representative to buy a bunch from Mike as a single lot
for people on the list who express interest, count me in for two of

If this does happen, how do you want to handle the logistics of
payment and shipping?


Frank Peseckis
Received on Sun Jun 22 1997 - 13:25:44 BST

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