From: A.R. Duell <ard12_at_eng.cam.ac.uk>
Date: Sun Jun 22 19:26:33 1997

> What's wrong with this (virtual) "group" ???
> Of all the collecting groups I belong to, this is the only one where my
> (and I suppose other's) public (and private) requests for help have been
> ignored and (worse) I suspect even opposed.

I'll admit to ignoring requests for help - if I either don't know the
answer, or if I have good reason to believe that somebody else will answer
it more completely than I ever could. I don't (for example) respond to
posts about the Apple ][ very often - I didn't grow up with them, and
don't know that much about them. There are plenty of people here who could
give a lot more information on those machines.

But try asking about one of my favourite machines and you'll get all sorts
of info sent back.

I suspect most other people here act the same way. I, too, have received
no replies to some of my messages, but I've simply taken that to mean that
nobody knows the answer, and not anything personal.

> Is there something I don't know? If this the case I would like to know.
> Thank you.
> Also your caper to insist on having ALL the items in the collection in
> working condition is, in my opinion, unique to this group. I can

Well, I prefer my machines to work - that's what they were designed to do,
and that's what they should still do. But if you're implying that I don't
want any non-working stuff, then that's 100% false. I have several tens of
machines that need repair at this moment. One day I'll get round to
fixing them (I enjoy repairing classic computers!), but until then I'll
keep them as they are. And even machines beyond repair (prototypes with a
dead custom chip :-)) are still worth collecting.

> enrico

The gates in my computer are AND,OR and NOT, not Bill
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