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From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 14:44:12 1997

>From: "e.tedeschi" <>
>Subject: Re: Why?

>Well, to get more specific, I have the (perhaps wrong) feeling that:

> a) You are against collectors who collect for the historical importance
> onyl and are not really worried if the item works or not (as long as all
> the parts are in there and the thing can be made to work if and when
> required). I have been ridiculized when I suggested this one way to go
> about collecting.

I have never felt that here, and I have several items in my collection
in non-working order. Would I give up my P-500, MTU VMM board, or
SuperPET if I never got them fixed? NO! I would hope to get them fixed
but the important thing now is to get them, mainly because it is part of
the 'collection' if they work, wonderful, if they don't they still has

> b) You are against collectors who want ot take out bits and pieces from
> the systems in order to show them separately (but retaining and perhaps
> even ehibiting the "crippled" item). I have been refused help in thsi
> respect when it became apparent I was going to do this.

I think that may be personal views by individual collectors and not by
the group in whole. Some feel that not having 'original parts' or
add-ons is blasphmey. I can understand and appreciate where you come
from, there are compnents of computers that are shear art as the disk
controller in the apple II (from what I read the board was drawn 'not
designed by computer' by Steve Wozniac.) I would be interested to learn
more about it. There have been chips that have amazed me too. Everyone
has their own intrest. The only reason you are perceiving otherwise is
that those people are the ones that are posting more, from years of
running an BBS as well as participating on the group, the more you post
messages the more attention and notoriety you will receive. If you want
to see something written about an interest of yours, sometimes you just
have to sit down and write it yourself.

> c) You are against helping "foreigners" (and therefore "different")
> collectors to export "your" stuff perhaps in the wrong perception that
> it will diminish the heritage of the country (yours). I have striken a
> deal with one of the subscriber here and he disappeared in the distance
> after a while (he did not answer anymore...) By the way does anybody
> need British stuff? I would be glad to help you with it.

I reply to what I know (some times I also replay to what I don't know
and put my foot in the mouth in the process). If you see anyone post
about Commodores or PETs more specifically, you can be sure within a day
or so a response from me will follow (unless it is something I am
totally in the dark about). Case in point, Exidy Sorceror, I purchased
one and sent it to Sam Ismael, he is now looking for information, not
very many people ever seen one, much less an ad for one, sometimes the
best we can do is quiote from old magazine ads. :/ Also some of the
sytems are regional and there may not be many people from that area who
have seen that particular machine on this list...

> Of course I have no proof of the above but from the short experience I
> had here, I think that the problem exhists as opposed to the "openess"
> of other American collecting groups like, for example, the radio
> collecting community which has been VERY helpful with me and other
> "foreigners" to buy and export stuff from the USA and CANADA (what about
> the stuff you ARE importing from overseas then?).

I have sent fellow users disks and cartridges through the mail to
Europe, anything larger I could not afford the shipping. This depends
on the individual. Sam was lucky to get me to shop the Sorcer as quick
as I did, I myself lothe shipping things, especially heavy/bulky
things. I think that again depends on the individual.

> I think that if you think I am wrong the best way to demonstrate it, if
> you care, is not with words but with facts.

> Thank you for your interest
> enrico

You are very welcome and hope you keep with the list and help us all to
work out this misunderstanding.

           Larry Anderson
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