Bad Feelings...

From: A.R. Duell <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 20:51:16 1997

> I think that may be personal views by individual collectors and not by
> the group in whole. Some feel that not having 'original parts' or
> add-ons is blasphmey. I can understand and appreciate where you come

Hmmm... I see nothing wrong with replacing components in a system - that,
to me, is a natural thing that would have happened to the machine when it
was in use. I can understand people who feel differently, though.

> from, there are compnents of computers that are shear art as the disk
> controller in the apple II (from what I read the board was drawn 'not

I'll have to disagree with you there. IMHO the Disk II controller is
nothing other than a kludge. It could certainly have done with a track 0
sensor (that would have stopped the heads from banging on start-up). And,
as a hardware designer, I don't like designs where most of the
functionality is handled in software.

Now, the RX01 (or even the RK02) - they're _elegant_ disk controllers
(ducking to avoid flames....). The RX01 is a large board of TTL that is,
essentially a custom-built microcoded processor. The RX02 (which adds
double-density operation) was built from those wonderful 2900-series
bit-slice chips.

But each to his own. I'm not going to flame Apple ][ enthusiasts, just as
they don't flame DEC and 3RCC enthusiasts. And I'll save Apple hardware if
I see it - I bought a large stack of obscure Apple cards at the last radio
rally (Hamfest).


> totally in the dark about). Case in point, Exidy Sorceror, I purchased
> one and sent it to Sam Ismael, he is now looking for information, not
> very many people ever seen one, much less an ad for one, sometimes the

Somewhere I have a Techref for the Sorceror, and one for the S100 adapter
for it. I also have some user group newsletters, etc. Feel free to pester
me on this list if you want me to dig this stuff out.

BTW, it's not up for grabs. I need it to maintain my Sorceror :-)

> Larry Anderson

The gates in my computer are AND,OR and NOT, not Bill
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