PETs ( was Who was in Australia?)

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 10:00:42 1997

Due to massive amounts of caffeine & sleep deprivation, e.tedeschi said:
>Sam Ismail wrote:

>> On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, Olminkhof wrote:

>> > > I take "paddock" is Strine for "junkyard", and open to the elements?

As long as we're inquiring about other cultures & whatnot, what language is
"Strine" referencing (I'm assuming the Queen's English, but I could be
wrong) and why is it called such?

>> > "paddock" is an english word for a place where animals graze.

Hey, here's a question: In the UK, a "boot" is what we stoopid Americans
<g> call "the trunk" i.e. the rear storage compartment of a four-wheeled
family-type vehicle. So if you all boot a computer, does that mean you're
turning it on, or putting it in your automobile???? ;^> ;^>

>> Who said classiccmp isn't open to other cultures? That's a cultural
>> exchange if I ever saw one.
>> Sam

>This is STILL an American computer. You seem not to be interested in
>others like the Sopectrum, the BBC, Oric Atmos, Camputers Linx, Oric 1,
>Jupiter Ace etc.

Enrico, that's just not fair. That's like saying "It hasn't rained for 2
days, therefore it never rains here." There have been several discussions
on machines from countries other than the US (you yourself brought up the
Dragon... That's not an American machine!), Alexios owns an Oric IIRC (and
many machines in his virtual museum are not of US origin), and many other
machines do get some airtime around here... it's just been a small dry
spell lately.

What about machines that did originate in the U.S. but gained a much larger
following overseas? The Atari ST line didn't make a big hit in the US, but
it was *very* popular in Germany in particular and Europe in general. (and
yes, I'm getting mine ___This Weekend___!!! Wheeeee! ;-) Should they be
classified as "US" or "European", and does it even matter?

I say "Pop a homebrew (my homebrew follows Reinheitsgebot -- and that's a
classic from 1518! ;-), spark up a CoCo, and let's have some fun!"

As my dad says: Thanks 'till you're better paid!!!
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