My current For Trade/Wanted List

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 18:12:40 1997


Apple I *
Altair 680 *
Altair 8800a ("a" only) *
Altair disk system *
Compucolor II or 8051
Apple Lisa
Exidy Sorcerer
IBM 5100
Commodore PET dual floppy system model 2040
Commodore SX-64 Portable (only if cheap or local)
TRS-80 Model III (only if cheap or local)

* Will trade Altair 8800b up/down/across for Apple I, or Altair
equipment. Will also make substantial cash offers for these items and
will reward leads.

For Trade:
North Star Horizon (wood case model)
Apple ///+
Mattel Aquarius
C64 in original color display box
Kaypro II (wonky keyboard; FREE if you pick up, Seattle area)

(Must sell/trade! Need space! Especially good deals available for
LOCALS with reasonably interesting trades and/or cash offers, since that
saves me so much time and effort with shipping!)

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