Friend Has Altos and Sanyo For Sale

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 17:55:44 1997

A friend of mine has the following systems available for sale (he's not
a collector). Neither of us could really come up with a price, since
these systems are a little out of my line. The Sanyo is a Z80 (not to be
confused with the later MBC-550 which was an early 8088 MS-DOS clone).
Both are in full operating condition.

Altos 586
- 8086/512K
- Xenix 3.0b
- With 2 terminals (supports 8-9 users)
- Hard drive
- Floppy
- Xenix Multiplan, etc.

Sanyo MBC-1000
- Z80A
- Built-in monitor
- Single floppy
- External 10MB HD
- Keyboard
- CP/M, WordStar, CalcStar, etc.

email with offers (local preferred due to the size
of this stuff)
Received on Mon Jun 23 1997 - 17:55:44 BST

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