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Date: Mon Jun 23 18:35:22 1997

ive also got a pcjr, with a 128k module and a printer adaptor. isnt this
thing supposed to run whatever cartridge you plug in? i noticed it resets
when you insert one. my pcjr only boots to basic because ive been too lazy to
make a dos 3.3 boot disk. i also have a joystick and serial/video/rf
mod./300b modem in all their original boxes too along with a tech ref and
basic guide. i have a cable/dongle for it that will let you plug in a
standard cga monitor into the back. if anyone's interested, i could post the
pinouts of the dongle so you can use cga. the last hamfest i went to have
pcjr stuff for $1 a peice! that's where i got my missing psu from.

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