Collecting old microprocessors (as opposed to Computers)

From: Brett <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 21:18:15 1997

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:
> Brett wrote:
> > Nobody else here probably knows what this is but I would also like to get
> > my hands on a Numeridex 7000. Second nicest little box I ever played with.
> Numeridex mainly provided NC Controllers and supplies as I recall. As
> such, you might start asking someone who owns a machine shop. Hmmm, if
> Numeridex is still in business, you might even ask them who has one in
> your area!

You've done too much Marvin 8-) Since I just thought of this today and
your message - made me look 8-)

   Numeridex, Inc.

          241 Holbrook Dr.
          Wheeling, IL 60090
          Al Hoyos
          800-323-7737, FAX: 847-541-8392

I will be calling them tomorrow - Why do I post this here? in the mid-80's
they were the single largest vendor of - paper and mylar punch tape 8-)
How do I know - I used to work for them. They sold off the Numeri-Power
CNC Programming *division* - I think to some Swiss company that needed a
programming system for thier wire EDM machines. I was the maintenance
department for the earlier software. I will check and see if they still
sell a paper tape punch/reader and tape - BEST backup device ever made
(except against fire 8-)

The reason I liked the 7000 so much was the display. It used a - I want
to say NEC 7202 display chip - might be wrong tho. It allowed vector
graphics and text to share the same screen. You could tell it how much
text and then anything above that was graphics. It took basically plotting
commands to do the graphics. Never did understand why that didn't catch

Also it ran CP/M as well as thier *own* operating system. All kind of
neat stuff.

Now how about a Fluke 1722?????

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